Zoom and Pause issue: Can I resolve? Or anotther beta tester?

A while back, WD sent me an inviation to beta test their product.  Unfortunately, at the time I had just started a job, and my mind was no in a position to work at home as well as at work. 

However, I have an issue that is now lasting over a year, and I am hoping to resolve it on my home, or with the help of other beta testers. 

Prior to an update that came about a year ago, I use to be able to pause video, go to zoom, move around my paused image, and then pause/unpause as I’d like.  Now, when I try to do this, I pause the video, zoom in…and is as soon as the zoom screen comes up the picture unpauses.  And when I try to hit pause when IN zoom mode, it doesn’t work.  I have to zoom to what I want ahead of what I want to pause, and then pause when it gets there.  Which is not always convenient or easy to do. 

Can someone please either help me with this, or show me how to solve this problem on my own.  I have never seen an update take a feature away before, and after a year, my patience has been surpassed. 

As a bonus…if you can figure out how to pause a video as soon as it comes on (there is a boout  3 second delay before you can pause) or figure out how to do a 1/30th of a second frame by frame…I’d appreaciate it…

Quote: Can someone please either help me with this, or show me how to solve this problem on my own.

Rollback to Firmware 2.07.17   Pause / Zoom / Move Position works fine :smiley:

(i don’t know when it got broken, so you may not have to Rollback so far. But i’m running 2.07.17 and it works 100%)

I’ll consider it, but I hate to go back when it comes to firmware upgrades…I’m hoping for a resolution that will work with the current version…

So you have had this problem for over a year and yet when you are offered a solution you are reluctant to try it. What’s the big deal about moving back, obviously the ‘new’ firmware does not do what you want and therefore is not up to scratch as far as you are concerned. 

They’ve also added other features and have done several fixes in that time…  Like SlingBox support, for one.  I’d rather not lose out on those… So as I said, I’ll consider it… But I’m not yet ready to throw in the towel and take that route.