Zombie SMPs power cycle for an hour, come back up but with many new apps

Like many, I’ve been unhappy with 2.02.32, especially the loss of the little Manga Japanese anime app/channel.

At about 2 a.m. CDT, one of my SMPs went into what seemed to be an endless power cycle loop. It tried to restart again and again and again,  I tried unplugging it and restarting that way, but no joy. Assuming it defective, I left it on and headed for bed.  I have a bedroom SMP as well, and it was doing the same thing!!

So now both my SMPs are in this seemingly endless power cycle loop!!

About an hour or so later, I looked up and the bedroom SMP had stopped power cycling, and was at the normal main menu.  Everything worked fine. So I checked the living room SMP, and it too was now working correctly.

Checking today, it looks like many new apps have appeared.  Manga is back too.

What gives?!?  Did my SMPs “phone home”?  I’ve had WD TV HDs and Pluses as well, and never seen anything like this.


Good to now that your devices are working fine again. It is difficult to know exactly what happened without more information, but it is sometimes recommended to reset the device back to factory defaults, as this will remove any residual configurations from the previous firmware.   

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yes, the SMP’s will phone home

and auto flash correct firmware files if it can detect the error and make it far enough in the boot cycle to download and flash the firmware

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