ZIP the MyCloud safepoint

Hi all,

Just backed up 500GB of 1.5TB from my MyCloud to a MyCloud mirror, when it dropped. it failed to copy the smartware.swstor/JÜRGEN eintry - just echoed smartware.swstor/J\  - The MycloudMirror dashboard confirmed:  no network activity anymore, a safepoint to an attached USB would not give that hint.

The file/folder name that the system can not handle shoukd not be an issue for the ZIP utility, so when all files are zipped the zip archive contains the file names and teh file system just has to cope with one file. 

I have created ZIP-archives of 300+GB size directly into a share on the MyCloud using backup siftware running in Windows 8.1achieving a transfer speed of >20MBps, and the MyCLoud desktop apps zipping is also considerably fast, so why not usubg this for a safepoint as well?


Mike Loud

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