Zero HDD

I would like to zero a SATA WD 500GB drive and used to use DBAN to do this, but looking at other forums, this may be problematic.

Does WD have it’s own product and what does it recommend? How long might this take? Thanks…

You can use that one you mention. If you want to use one from WD you can try  Data Lifeguard, it has an option to zero out the drive as well. The link will show you the steps.

Hope this help.

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Well, I can’t seem to use Data Lifeguard to wipe all partitions and the C:\ drive. DBAN goes from boot, but I can’t select the options. I am looking into this being a BIOS issue as perhaps there is a keyboard recognition problem.

Got this working as it was a USB BIOS recognition issue. DBAN seems the best choice. Now will wait for three hours!..