Does anyone know why it is possible to login to the YouTube application, but not to the YouTubeVideos application?

I like the latter one much better and would like to save favourites and like movies etc… This is not possible without a valid login.



Not that I know off. 

You can log into both services. On the YouTube (leanback) service its at My Youtube and with the old YouTube Videos service you move sideways to the User tab and enter your sign in details.

Just tried it and it works fine. You can use the green button to show your videos / favorites etc. When you select a video you like you press the options button on the remote to save it to your favorites etc.

Thanks for your answers, but unfortunately it does not work for me. I have no idea why this.

I found out recently though that I can also search for the YouTube videos I want to view on my smartphone (Android) and then play them through the mediaplayer on the TV. This is even more better!

In the YouTube application (not de videos one) is an option to connect a mobile device with the media player. That works beautifully!

Don´t linking your YouTube account  with google +