YouTube vs. YouTube Videos

What are the differences between YouTube and YouTube Videos under the WD SMP’s “Services” tab? Are they designed for different purposes?

I used the search function to find the same video under YouTube and YouTube Videos, and found that YouTube would yield a better video quality than YouTube Videos. Are there any explanations for that?

As a reference, I searched “Laura Vitale” and played her “shrimp scampi” video for cooking instructions. When I got the video under YouTube, it was noticeably better than the found I got under YouTube Videos.

Supposedly *ALL* set top boxes are required to use the “NEW” Youtube, called YouTube LEANBACK.   It’s the SECOND Youtube in the menu.

But WD was “grandfathered” on the Live boxes so the existing WD-developed YouTube app is still available.

I’m not sure, since I am not looking at the screen right now, which of the two is titled “YouTube Videos.”

I find YouTube on the Live Plus almost useless even though the video quality is quite good.  It is “useless” for the lack of a Subscriptions tab.  Even my year-older-than-LivePlus-Panasonic-TV-and-blu-ray player have Subscvriptions tab, and they have great video. (No Netflix on them though; this didnt show up until the next year when the copy protection chips arrived at Panasonic, I presume). I really wish WD would get its YouTube act together. 

YouTube videos is a more traditional YouTube experience, in the sense that you can sign in with your YouTube ID and access favorites, etc. You’re not able to access your profile info (playlists, favorites) on YouTube leanback (which is just YouTube in services).

YouTube (Leanback) is better if you plan on watching a previously searched for video and nothing more, as I’m pretty sure that it supports HD. YouTube Videos is better for everything else.

I haven’t used YouTube often, but…

I remember searching for, and finding a pop video.  But it wouldn’t play, and came up with some sort of message saying it won’t play on TV devices, or somthing like that.

Steve W