YouTube Video login "invalid username..." error

I was able to successfully login to the YouTube Video (not the youtube leanback) till last evening from my WDTV Live SMP, since then I am getting “invalid username…” error.

I remember seeing this error a few months ago and had fixed it then by removing the google+ profile/account that Google automatically associated with my youtube login.

I saw that Google had again added the google+ profile to my youtube login, so I removed it again from the youtube login but that did not help. I am still getting the “invalid username…” error.

I even tried adding a bran new youtube login but google+ is added to it by default and even after removing google+ from the new youtube login I get the “invalid username…” error.

Has anyone else encountered this issue recently, and if so is there a solution to this?


What firmware are you running on the device?

Have you tried resetting the unit?

Firmware is 1.14.09

I tried device reset but that did not resolve the issue. I have tried accessing with only username, and, all return the “invalid username…” error

Maybe you should try upgrading firmware? 1.14.09 is nine months old…

I have it working now, and I did not upgrade the firmware.

Turns out the issue was on youtube side. Earlier, I had removed my Google+ account from the Google Account settings page, apparently that still left the youtube account linked to Google+. After some more research and watching a couple of youtube videos I was able to go to my youtube channel settings where I saw a link under the user name for disconnecting the youtube channel user name from Google+. Clicking that link disconnected Google+ from the youtube account and now I am able to login to the youtube video on my WDTV.