YouTube Subscriptions

Is there a way to see YouTube Subscriptions? I really don’t care to see the most popular or most watched, just want to see the YouTube channels I’m subscribed to. 

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The app is made around favorites instead of subscriptions.

Nothing wrong with displaying favorites, but the app really needs to allow viewing of subscriptions, too.  Using search with the remote is too cumbersome for repeated use, so subscriptions are essential…otherwise I have to go to my PC at which point I might as well as use it to manage the stream to the TV.

Please, WD, add subscriptions in a future build of the firmware.


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With all the new Youtube channels we very much need (want) to be able to see Subscriptions.  In fact it should be centered aroud Subscriptions plus it should have access to the “Watch Later” videos also.  As it is now there really isn’t any reason to be logged in when there isn’t anything set for the individual account.

tl;dnr:  Subscription access please!


Please support Youtube Subscriptions, Thanks.

Wow, still no support for something as simple as this? Time to return it and get an Apple TV.

I see that I can access my subscriptions now BUT… they are all in one section!  I cannot see any way to select a particular subscription or video… Useless, back to using my Xbox.

Please fix or tell me how I can access individual subscriptions, this device is so close to being great.