Youtube restricted

Hi everyone

Situation: Youtube search----a lot of vids---- " The video is restricted by the video content owner and it is not available on TV connected devices" .

Ok, perfect. Now the questions: How do Youtube know that I am connected with a TV device?, by means of IP or MAC wireless/ethernet card? and is there any way to avoid that restriction?.

Thanks in advance 

It knows because it’s using the YouTube API and the WD tells YouTube that it’s a set-top-box.

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Try ‘youtube leanback’ on the WD player or fling the youtube video to the WD player service ‘Launchpad by flingo’.

And how do I fling the Youtube vid that I wanna see to “Launchpad by flingo”?

Go to the website below on your PC, drag the Fling button to your bookmarks. Turn on your player and enter the ‘flingo’ service. Go to the queue at the top. Go to the youtube video page on your PC  and then click the flingo bookmark. The youtube video will be added to the flingo queue. You can then bookmark it for future use if you want to as after playing in the queue you lose it.

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