YouTube reboots my WD Live

Why does my WD Live reboot when I sign in to YouTube?

You not the only one - having the same prob :frowning:

Known Prob - see other post :slight_smile:

I found that I could login fine with my Google login and password rather than my YouTube credentials.

Try updating to firmware 1.01.24 - according to the kb on the issue, this seems to help for the few people who didn’t resolve this issue by fixing their account with google.

The latest FW did fix that problem for me.

Yep.  .24  seems to not only fix the problem, it has a better user interface for YouTube.

Yes, it has been fixed, but at the same time they implmented some type of filter/check that prevents certain videos from being played on device connected to TV. Also they did not take the opportunity to add Channel/subscriptions feature. Will the nightmare never end.