YouTube not working

My youtube is not loading why?

because it won’t work on a potato.

seriously, you need to post a bit more information if you want help :confused:


Sorry for any inconvenience, I can get on to YouTube but it won’t load the videos on my WDTV Live box.



Youtube have ended support for WD TV Media Players.

Oh, I understand you… My smart TV didn’t load also the YouTube videos. I googled a lot about how to solve this problem. Because I really like in the evenings to sit on the couch and watch YouTube, especially after work. One of my friend told me to try This is an online video converter. You can choose the format of the video you like, such as MP4, WebM, 3GP, F4V, AAC or M4A. I download the video and watch it through HDMI on my TV, problem solved, all people happy.


Buy a new media player that supports Youtube in 2020 and can be updated.

I had already forgotten that WD TV once existed. Now everyone uses Smart TV. It is much more convenient and faster. I advise you to buy a TV with this function. In extreme cases, you can use a laptop and an HDMI wire.
In general, there are many life hacks with YouTube that you can use. For example, if I need some music, I can download a clip from YouTube in MP3 format and then use to convert it to any suitable configuration.
And in general, it’s better to watch movies on TV than videos on YouTube.