Youtube login still broken for over a year - WD please read this!

From what I understand youtube login is still broken on WD Live TV.  WD officially blames google, which is quite ridiculous imho. Google already commented on it and of course they won’t change their code just because WD is not willing to fix their code.

I read on another thread this was fixed on WD Live Hub firmware, why wasn’t it fixed for WD Live TV users?

The things suggested in this thread don’t work or are no longer possible due to google changes.

The KB article here is useless as it doesn’t contain a valid workaround:

I SPEND HOURS on this… and I’m really p*****, sorry.

Of course its not broken, if it were then nobody would be able to log on. What you mean is that it does not work for you and some others.

I’d like you to create a fresh YouTube account and login using your WD Live TV. Please let me know if it works for you.

JoFuSoA wrote:
I’d like you to create a fresh YouTube account and login using your WD Live TV. Please let me know if it works for you.

OK just for you I have created a new youtube account and it works just fine on my Live Streaming Player.

You can see for yourself that I joined yesterday 5th Feb 2012.

How? do you log in normal? Did you jump through the 2nd verifacation hoops google suggested? I did with no luck. I belive google is causing this not wdtv. But it is coming of as a half promise. Same could be said for external drive use.

I bought the product with high hopes for the specific promise of using an external hard drive and online content. Also liked the home interface theme… I have been disappointed by most of the things that drew me to wdtv live.Pandora is the only thing besides netflix I can actually log into. I was hoping I would be able to use my account with snag films so I could que films for later  from my PC to cut down  on slow searching but there is no option for that. Same for youtube it has login but does not work  at all. I want to use spotify but  why pay a monthly fee and risk no login again same with Hulu plus. at this point you could say go ahead it works fine  but I would be very hesitant to believe it. Netflix has behaved a little odd on a few logins and I thought wow if this is gone I bet so are a lot of current and potential customers. I have experience with several htpc’s and media streamers and realize there will be and expect a learning curve. But now I have my media in the library showing proper info and thumbs. I am noticing  other functions not living up to the hype. The main disappointment was it not working with my WD external drive and losing 20 GBs just to find out. So now I am forced to hook the external drive up to a pc and network. not the situation I was hoping for.  The login trouble is a real downer. Basically the hardware I bought to replace the htpc I threw together with junk parts and solve some problems like space and energy use and the hope of stability at the moment is not turning out to be the answer. I do still think  the problems are minor and there is a ton of room for development. Listen to the community and try to get decent input from them when you can.That  seems to work for the XBMC community and look at the products it has spawned XBMC is always improving and proving to be the king. While Plex and Boxxee are rising in many areas.

Sorry for the almost rant but I do RTFM  and I do google and trial and error before commenting on a situation. So if there is an answer or a soloution to the google login problm a lot of people are having not just a select few I would be happy to give it a try. The other problems will most likely work out in the long to short run. But if there is a conflict due to the google tv situation and they are intentionaly blocking other devices will there be a truce

I simply went to youtube clicked create account. Added my details and i got an acoount -easy. This account is in addition to my real gmail account however I gave them all the correct info. What does this 2nd verification do?


I did not enter any phone number or secondary email address so perhaps this is why I did not get secondary verification. i am not sure what difference that would make to the process however. Its only a higher security measure.

2nd verifacation should not be necessary I agree with that. It was a something suggested elsewhere. If anything I see it as a higher risk giving more info online. I disagree with most of what is going on with google and facebook  at the moment that is a topic for another forum I suppose. If I understand you correctly you started an account from the  WDTV live device not the actual youtube site. I will try it.

Thanks for the response.

I misunderstood.

If you are signed in from wdtv can you then use the option to seee what you have qued. If not I dont care if I am signed in. It does not seem to be an option for me any way. Could be due to the internet provider I don’t know but it will not sign in.

Try going into setup and reset to factory defaults.  Then set up your network connections again and user accounts.  That worked for me.  Mine randomly stopped working in early March.