Youtube Login Solution

I have not been able to log into Youtube on my WDTVLH ever since I linked my Youtube account to my Google account. Until today, that is. If you are having that trouble, the fix is to enable Google’s 2-step verification process. Basically, you do this: 1. enable this process in your Google account settings 2. get a verification code by text message 3. enter that verification code it into the provided input box on the same web page that you generated it 4. add the WDTVLH device to your account 5. generate a one-time password for it 6. enter that one-time password into the WDTVLH when you try to log into Youtube and it works. I used my full gmail email address as my username and the one-time password generated above. Here is the link to get started: Good luck.


Thanks for sharing this information.