Youtube Login Problem - invalid username and pass

I can’t stand one-off searching for vids on Youtube in the Hub, so gathered from reading around that creating a Youtube account and saving playlists, etc. on your PC and then accessing them after signing into Youtube on the HUB is the best way to have a library of content waiting to be played.


I just now - for the first time ever March 20 2011 - signed up for a Youtube account.  It appears that as of this time, someone creating a Youtube account MUST do so by associating it to a Google Account.  No problem, I have a gmail account, so I used that. 

When I sign in to Youtube on my PC, I can only use my gmail address and password (same as the gmail pw).  As far as I can tell, my actual Youtube username (different than gmail name) cannot be used to log me in to Youtube.

On the Hub, when I attempt to login, I always get the ‘invalid username and password’ message. 

I have tried:

Full Gmail + pw

First half of Gmail + pw

Youtube username +pw

Always get the same invalid message!  It’s driving me nuts.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thx in advance.

Bump!   Nobody has any experience with this at all?  Could someone please post what they use to sign in to Youtube on the Hub?  Thx!

I enter my username and then my password. My account is not linked to a gmail account, even though I have one. I used a different email address (not gmail) to register with youtube. 

There was a problem on the WDTV Live regarding this problem particulary where the accounts were linked.

Is your gmail account old - before may 2009 - that may be the problem.

Have you tried instead of as your username.

As I said before maybe the easiest way is to sign up to youtube without using a gmail email. It maybe the linked accounts that is causing the problem. I used an email address.

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Ah, thanks for the link.  Unfortunately, it’s as I suspected.  There is no longer any way to set up a Youtube account without using a Google email address.  This somehow conflicts with the WD sign-in, so I guess anyone buying a WDLive product that doesn’t have an old Youtube account that is independent from Google is out of luck. 

Kinda upsetting for me as I’m in Canada, so first it was the no Netflix realization and now no Youtube. 

I have just created a new youtube account using a yahoo email address without any problem. I created a username and a password and have just used these to successfully sign into youtube on the hub. As far as youtube is concerned I am a brand new user who has just registered. You therefore do not need a gmail address to register.

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Well, I don’t know what to say… I feel kind of stupid actually, because I created a new account, as you said, but this time just ignored the linking to Google area of the process and used my Yahoo email as well. 

It worked!  Signed into the hub no problem.  This was clearly a case of my own stupidity with a dash of Youtube being somewhat confusing about Google and their services. 

Thanks a lot for taking the time to create a dummy address and testing it all out for me.  I really appreciate your help!

Thats OK. Glad to help.