YouTube login fails

Is anyone still able to get this solution to work:

I have just tried to create a YT account using a Yahoo email address and you simply cannot get past the box that requires a Google accounts user name which it then turns in to a gmail address.

I made up a name (as I already have a Google account) and then inserted the Yahoo email address where it asked for current email.

Once it created my new YT account I then got out of that back to the YT login screen - on my PC. At this point I inserted the yahoo email address and password but it said it was not valid. So this confirmed it has just created another Google account.

I tried to use this new Google account to login to YT on both the WDTV Live and my iPhone and still get the invalid un and p/w message.

I am convinced this is a Google issue (not WD ) as the same problem occurs using the YT app on an iPhone (yet you can login to your account on the iPhone if you go through the browser).

What media player are you using?

The first WDTV Live. The one with in-built ethernet but no WiFi.

I have the New Zealand/Australian model.

Same problem with a new account…