YOUTUBE login crashes system

Everytime I try to login to YOUTUBE it starts to load and then crashes. Anybody else have this problem?

Yep, I’m having the same problem. Watching regular .avi’s or other content on my USB-drive poses no problems, but when I try to view YouTube content, the system starts to load, but keeps loading. After that when I return to my USB-drive, none of my content seems to work. I have to unplug the power for 15 seconds or so, that seems to reboor the unit. But still, YouTube crashes it. I have the 1.01.12 firm ware update running, maybe that’s the problem (after reading that this firm ware update causes a lot of units to crash).

So I’m kinda hoping WD will fix this bug/weirdness, because I rather like the YouTube function!


The Neherlands

I’m having the same problem as well.  Works great through PlayOn though.

I have exactly the same problems with YouTube account. Also seems that device reboots and resets settings to the factory values.

Waiting for the new firm ware?

YOUTUBE still works for my i just can’t login to my account.

I don’t mind being a WD Beta-tester but it would be nice to be compensated for the built-in hassle of being one. perhaps WD could give out free live365 VIp accounts to us Betas…

Another crashing user here!

Please see:

I’ve been having the same problem since day one! 

Well, it seems WD is working on the problem, let’s hope they can fix it quickly. Thanks, WendyM, for the link.