YouTube Log-in issue

Everytime I try to log-in to my YouTube account; the WD TV Live player reboots itself and takes me back to the home!

I have the latest firmware installed. Any advise ?

There are many existing threads discussing this issue, worth using the Search function before making a new thread.  ;)

Check out this one:

In a nutshell, Google changed the API for YouTube (they want everyone to sign in with a Google account), which the WD TV Live freaks out about, causing the reboot.  WD are blaming Google but not explaining why a login error reboots the unit.

There’s no firmware solution yet but there is a workaround, which is to create a new YouTube/Google account.

Check the thread link above for a better idea of what the problem is, plus the right way to set up the new account (linking your old YouTube account to your Google account doesn’t work).

 got past it by just browsing then going back to the profile I had created during the failed attempts and it kicked in.

I didn’t say that well…

I put in my ID and password and set up my account on the WD.

It crashed and re-booted.

I then did not attempt to log in, but rather just browsed through and watched some random YouTube videos.

Then, when I went back to log-in to YouTube, I selected my profile that was created on the WD and it kicked in.

Thanks Junkstar, but unfortunately that did not work for me.