Youtube Loading Stuck

Hi WD,

I recently bought a WD Live Streaming box with wifi in Australia and I have updated it to the latest firmware.

When I use the Youtube function to watch videos using a wifi connection to my router a problem occurs.  After watching a video for a minute or two, the loading video indicator (revolving circles) frequently appears, but it doesnt after appearing, resume the video after a while, but just stays there revolving.

The only way to cope with this is to press the rewind button so that the video rewinds 10secs, which causes the video to start streaming/loading and then playing again.  But the problem is that this revolving icon keeps popping up every minute or two during a video, making it very frustrating at times.

The WD box is only 5-6 metres away from the router, and when I play youtube videos with my Sony Ericsson smartphone near the box or in the lounge room, there is never a time where the video has to stop to load/stream, but ends up just pausing indefinately.

Is this a common occurrence? and could there be a solution to it thanks?

Is this a common occurrence? No, what internet connection you have?

Have you tried resetting the media player?

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Hi regdexx

Thank you for looking into this issue.

I have a cable internet connection.  The WD used to connect wirelessly to the router, but I have changed the connection to using ethernet cable instead and it has improved the performance to a point where I would not get that frustrated anymore.

After resetting the player, the problems persisted until I changed to ethernet.

I would hope that in future the player would accept wireless keyboard connection, so that slow typing with the remote would no longer be necessary.

Thank you once again.

It does accept keyboard connection.

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Thanks richuk for your tip.

Just a little update on what I have experienced recently,

When I hold my sony ericsson phone right next to where the live tv is positioned, the wifi bar only shows 2 out of 4 bars connectivity, so the live tv might be positioned in a blind spot, even though it is only 5 metres away from the wireless netgear modem/router.  I might have to use ethernet connection instead for better playback.

Thanks guys again for the help

Though it is marked as Solved. Conecting by ethernet on a wireless capable device is only a workaround. I am facing the same issue while playing youtube and yupp tv. After playing for 1 or 2 minutes it is always displaying the wait icon. If left for long, then the player itself gets stuck and have to power restart.

I think the real problem is when you have a torrent program running on your home network, especially when there are more than 10 connections at the same time.  When I closed the program the youtube started playing fine again.  However youtube on computer plays fine even when the torrent program is running.

Hi, on the ‘remote keyboard’ point, I have a battery powered Logitech K400 compact Wireless Touch keyboard which works perfectly with the WDTV box, put the WiFi dongle in the rear USB socket (my HDD uses the front USB) and hey presto!

Martin, Bedford, UK