Youtube Leanback slow and other issues

I own a WDTV Live HD  media player (WDAAP0000NBK) + latest firmware 1.6.43 v .

I’m using Youtube Leanback and also have have paired it with my youtube player on my smartphone.

My internet connection is 10 Mbit downstream / 1 Mbit upstream, good.


  1. browsing Youtube channels and playlists is really SLOW, especially playlists.
    Is it because the device need to download the video frameshot for each video?  

  2. when I play a video playlist  via my paired smartphone, the first video is played normally on my tv, but when the device try to play the second video   crashes and restart!

  3. the device crashes even when I play the second video of a playlist, using the remote controller

  4. sometimes, browsing a playlist, I don’t see all the videos that should be there listed, it seems the video list is “broken”…



If this problem will not be resolved I will consider buying a Google Chromecast…

A quick search on this would come up with a lot of similar issues on several of the products


Out of interest how do you compare a full media player with chromecast.

If you only want to see YouTube when use twonky beam on a tablet / smart phone.

That’s how chromecast will work.

If YouTube leanback is apparently so slow on this device, and the option is available to pair your phone to it… Why not just use your phones YouTube app to search/browse, then beam the video to the wdtv?

That way you don’t have to bear the slow speed of the YouTube WD app.