YouTube Leanback Login Issues

I have tried every firmware listed on this page:…

I cannot get the Youtube Leanback to remember my login OR the pairing to my phone.

It seems to be anytime I add an external drive, it forgets and needs to be setup again.

Please tell me there is something I can do to fix this.

I have the same problem and question; login via code is only temporary (I think Google resets the access each time there is a ‘location change’ I guess meaning a new IP for the player).

Please someone from the advanced users tell us, is this a known issue? Does there any kind of workaround exist or do we have to live with it?

I don´t know if I would name myself “advanced user”, but I have the same problems with the login in the Leanback app.

Pairing my phone works great, but it just doesn´t keep paired, I have to do it all over again after I restart the device.

It´s really annoying, especially when the rest works great. 

Thank you so much for your reply. It sure is annoying to say the least, totally agree. If I need another device in order to log in to use the WDTV, what for using it in the first place!
Unfortunately I am not a lucky user generally - my device ate 3 (three!!) hard drives last night. FIlesystems were either damaged or totally destroyed. So, I cannot say that the rest works great, for me this device does not half the things that are advertised, especially usage of any USB hdd. At least I know now the login trouble seems to be standard, as sad as it is. 

Since you guys are having the same problem as me, please go to my post in “Issue Reporting” andvote it up. Hopefully we can get some response from WD.