Youtube leanback incompatible with WDTV - crashing device

Youtube leanback incompatible with WDTV - crashing the device. Investigation has been for about 4 months now. Looks like wdtv is no longer communicating well with google youtube. I have had to buy google tv for interim use while waiting for the fix. If its programming bug I think problem this bad warrants a rollback? Must be compatibility issue.

Waiting for the good news, guys. Yesterday firmware update did not fix the problem yet.

I have narrowed down the problem. If you notice there are two ways to watch youtube videos, leanback and another youtube app. The other app denies you access to particular videos. Leanback does not do this.  I think certain video providers do not want you to view their videos on streaming players. I can cite one example with VEVO, the streaming music video company. They actively block music videos on streaming players.

I experimented with several VEVO videos and while leanback allows you to watch the video, the player crashes immediately after playing the video.

It is only speculation but I think that because some companies like VEVO do not have an agreement in place with WD they are actively blocking the player from working properly.

The thing I don’t understand is why WD would ever allow a company that streams videos through youtube to ever be able to exercise that control over WD’s player. I am puzzled by this but it is probably part of the agreement WD made with Google for access to youtube.

If what I say is true it is also puzzling why youtube doesn’t actively block unauthorized videos in such a way that leanback can’t access them?

It is a failing on WD’s part that they are not explaining why this is happening.


The leanback player has been updated a couple times to make it more visually appealing. HBOGO comcast doesn’t work on roku nor is there an official youtube app. It would be best if they just removed youtube completely from the device imo. I think the better route is to support apps like plex/playon and use these apps to open up the device to app use instead all things considered.