YouTube Leanback Changed

Went to YouTube Leanback tonight and noticed that the interface changed although I did not do a firmware update.  Still using 1.07.18.  Now in Leanback you are limited to the amount of videos you can watch.  There is an option to link your YouTube but video selection is now limited.  Liked it much better the old way.


If it changed without update then the changes were done from Youtube direct

i will go home and check for any changes … wanted the ability to login and try contol using a paired android device 

Yes, we can install youtube remote in android/iphone and pair it with WDTV YT leanback.

I found that YT remote has a lot of potencial, but personaly I didn’t like this:

After a search, we are forced to individual select videos and create a play list.

We can not watch all videos in the search, we can only watch videos from the play list.

I don’t care for playlists.

YT remote also wants access to my google account, when i refuse to give it access, it didn’t work.

Hate this big brother attitude from google…

Maybe others like it, as it is, best try and see for yourself.

If you find how to watch all videos in the search, pls let me know.

  • EDIT -

I uninstalled/reinstalled android youtube remote, and this time I could use it without login into my google account.

Gotten a little more used to the new Leanback and don’t hate it as much as when I first saw it.  The two biggest things I still like about the old Leanback is that you could continue watching videos while you did another search.  Also, when you searched on the old Leanback, the player would continously play the results until you stopped it or did another search.  The search on this only loads 20 songs in the playlist and once they play, it stops.   However, the biggest problem I am seeing is that it doesn’t consistent stay linked to your YouTube account and you have to keep going back to the PC to enter in the code when going back to Leanback pretty much every time if you have turned off the WDTV Live.

I noticed it yesterday and it is a GREAT improvement, it’s perfect. I like it a lot. Great to watch only HD movies and all the other options, perfect!!!