Youtube is not working! WD TV

Youtube is not working! WD TV

It is impossible to create a support request, so I am here! Please fix the following:Invalid Serial Number

I bought a WD TV only to see youtube, because now use is not possible, then WD TV become absolutely useless to me. Help me solve a problem or provide as another device on which I will be able to use Youtube.


We have passed this along to support. Someone will contact you soon.

I have been contacted, but pretended to not understand for what reason I applied to the support. :confused:
I edited your post to remove your Serial Number in compliance with the WD Community Usage Guidelines.

Additionally, you can confirm if the unit’s Serial Number is correct by manually checking the unit’s warranty before submitting a support ticket in the following link:

If the serial number is invalid then I’d recommend double-checking all digits. “0” can be confused with “O” and “6” with “8” if the print is no longer clear-enough.



What about the YouTube service works?


Trancer is a moderator for this forum. He made sure your issue was passed to WD Support. Someone from support will contact you soon.