YouTube forces restart

Hi all, 

I’m on 2.02.32 firmare in my wd tv live. After some time of upgrading the youtube app started failing. 

I try to open it and it restarts my device. After a couple of times it finally loads but after 2-3 min of video playback it restarts again… 

I don’t use many services, but this is the only one that is showing this behaviour.

any ideas? anyone with the same issue? I couln’t find any open thread about this… 


As I hope u have seen, the latest firmware has serious memory leak problems in its apps. Youtube included.

Normally this means that after running the app or others since a hard restart*, then it has issues starting, running other apps or even playing media files. Sometimes you get a low memory warniong but often none is given.

I now try to do a hard restart everytime after using any apps before I play videos to avoid problems. Occasionally the memory is so low even the main Mocha desktop can freeze mid scroll between pages! - then I have to pull the power out.

But this is not new behaviour, it has been reported since August when 2.02.32 was inflicted on us all!

So if u had 2.02.32 weeks ago and were working fine until recently, I assume you are doing hard restarts: a crash probably is equivalent to a hard restart but I did have to do a hard restart after a startup after a crash to really clean it up once.  If u still have problems just starting Youtube then maybe you have corrupted your Youtube settings somehow. Pulling the power is not to be recomended even when idle as it can corrupt if u unlucky.

I seem to remember people mentioning issues like this in Youtube way back last year.

Try a hard restart and run Youtube before anything else.

Then try resetting your unit to clear settings and renterring your login etc.

If this doesnt work then I’m out of ideas and maybe time to raise a formal bug note with WD.

* _ hard restart _: a startup after after

a) pull power cable out then back in or

b) after a long (5+ seconds) press of the power button to turn it off and then a press to turn it on again