Youtube don't stop Crashing because

Did everything your going to think of or going to say, tell you the truth I really don’t care what you have to say because you took my money for the last time western digital.

I never in my life had so much problmes with such a small device, it’s that bad by times I think there should be a Recall on all the defective devices and mean all of them because I owned three of them and none of them worked right I Can Not stress this enough ** don’t buy this device!**

First it was the firmware no support, buggy, crashing ho and did i mention no support evey time they touch someting they would break something all ways! What does that say for the code juinkes that’s coding them they know noting. I guest they like taking Western Digital money like WD took mine and said up yours after.

Sencond Netflix crashs when it wants, Youtube crashs all the time when loading a new video and it happens at ramdom time’s. Don’t know how many times I set the resolution on my HD TV because of this this week.

Third the people that have/own one are going to be come a future victim are just lazzy build a “PC” and by that I mean a X86 design Not ARM and Not… if my Computer had a Bum this what would come out of it Smart TV’s, Phones, tablets and this little nuget the Western digital TV Live what ever! flush that litte beeper down the toilet because that’s all there good for period.

Don’t buy this device pick up something like the Gigabyte Brix it’s a NUC device that can run Windows 7/8 and stream Video, Music and Pictures from a Media Server to the Brix or plug in a 4TB HDD with GPT NO limition what so ever you’ll thank me later, plus side you can also have a nice little keyborad to search right from the comfort of your living room, even your laptop would be better then this has I have no way to watch my computer hardware news but for one way netbook because of this device.

Not to mention I even started tagging info on 2000 moives using this device and now Moviedb change the search functions now that there is no more unders scores, more work of me in the long run but will do so from Plex running on Windows 7 in the living room with a nice little KB to search Youtube, Netflix and just about anything or everything I want have fun with this device guys because this is the last time I post anythign on this forum.

Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is the Future!

Feel better now!