YouTube causing WDTV Live to Reboot

I just upgraded to 1.10.17 firmware today and am now unable to access YouTube.  When I select it from the video menu, and select the button to log into my account, it goes into the YouTube interface and looks like it is trying to load the videos in my user account, however, before anything loads, the entire unit reboots.

I tried this about 6 times including after unplugging the unit for 15 mins. 

Has anyone else had this problem?  I haven’t noticed anything like this prior.

Yes, I have had the same problem, but this is not a problem due to .17 update.  I have had this problem from the beginning. 

It loads fine when you do a search, but when you fill out your own account and want to load your own videos, it restarts. 

And I also have the same issue here…

I had the same problem with my YouTube account. I created a new YouTube account and the WDTV Live can now login. It’s a pain if you have a lot of stuff stored in your old account, but this could be a problem with YouTube / Google, rather than the WDTV Live.

It would be nice if the WDTV Live gave an error message, rather than re-booted though - I think that is WDs problem.

Hope this helps

+1 . Same problem. Yestarday I sent request to WD support , still waiting for an ansver.