YouTube and Netflix in the UK?

Hi Guys

I have decided to purchase the Western Digital TV Live Hub Digital Media Streamer 1TB -

I have been advised and have read (or mis-read!) that Netflix cannot be used in the UK, US only?  Is this correct?  Does YouTube and Netflix on this work in the UK?

Also can i connect both a standard AV Cable?  I have 2 tvs, but one does not have HDMI, only the yellow, white and red connections.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Correct.  The Hub only supports NetFlix in US / Canada.

I don’t think there’s any issues with YouTube, though.

The Hub supports HDMI, Composite (Yellow) and Component (YPbPr) connections.

By the way, you are in the wrong forum… the Hub forums are here:

No problem with YouTube. If you want UK Netflix you need the WD Live streaming player gen3.

I just read this…

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UK - Jan. 10, 2012 - Western Digital® (NYSE: WDC), the world’s leader in external storage solutions and maker of the popular WD TV® media player family, today announced the availability of BBC iPlayer® service in the UK and the Netflix® service in the UK and Ireland on the WD TV Live wireless streaming media player (third generation). The services join YouTube™, Spotify® and many other premium entertainment and information services available to customers through WD TV media players, enabling access to a range of TV and radio programmes and films on the biggest screen in their home - the high-definition television.

Press Release

Thanks! Which is the 3rd gen? Where can I purchase it? Looked online but none say 3rd gen

This is the 3rd gen one. 

WD TV Live

Select Online Services under ‘WD TV Live’ near the top of the page. This will give you Online Services available by the region selected!

Can be purchased at many online and High St retailers!

Thanks very much guys. Will go and purchase it this week