YouTube accout works, but I can't search from it?

i just created a new youtube acct (not linked to google or gmail in any way), put on a few favorites and tried it out.

it says NO CONTENT AVAILABLE, but then i click on FAVORITES and my 2 Favorites are in there.

but i can’t search anything, all i see is my couple of FAVORITES, then after i watch them, some more RELATED videos come up and i can watch those, but there is no SEARCH function.

am i missing something?

any idea how to SEARCH now? it doesn’t give me the option.

You do not search from the logged in part of YouTube. Its in the WDTV YouTube menu along with the Most Popular, Recent and Top rated. Cycle around until you see Search, its just under the Account ‘button’. The Content is not available because you obviously  have not uploaded any videos (content) to your account.

thanks.  i’ll upload something and see if it shows up.

so if i’m searching (which i have in the past) from the magnifying glass search option under YOUTUBE on the WDTV, can i ADD AS FAVORITE and it will link to my account from there?  or do i have to add favorites from my PC thru

also, is there any way to change the Keyboard to a QWERTY layout?  i tried attaching a USB keyboard to the WDTV LIVE, it was powered up, but did not work.  the clicking with the arrow keys on the remove is very cumbersome.

I have just tested a bit further. Log in to your account. No content will be shown because you have not uploaded any videos. Press the Option Button on the remote. The menu will appear at the top of the screen, move along to the search symbol on the right hand side. The keyboard will appear, type in your search. The videos will appear. Pick a video and either play it all the way through or stop it using the remote stop button. The screen that appears will show alternative videos plus the one you just watched. On the left hand side you have the option to add the video to your favourites.

This is no way to change the keyboard and you cannot use a usb keyboard. The usb keyboard is on a wish list of ideas for future firmware updates.

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SWEEET, i figured there must be a way to search within your account.  never thought of the OPTION BUTTON.  silly me, i hit the SEARCH BUTTON on the remote, what was i thinking.

someone is watching CARS on the WDTV right now, but i’ll try it out later.

yes, +1 on the KEYBOARD WISHLIST, QWERTY and/or USB, USB OPTION preferred.