Your thoughts on keeping plugged into computer

I have a MyBook Duo that I use for backup, syncing photos, etc.  I do not use any automated backup but rather use a couple backup programs (Acronis True Image monthly and Backup4All a couple times a week).  I sync photos as needed.

I have been plugging into USB port when I was going to do those backups but wonder if leaving it plugged in all the time is better. Certainly easier if always plugged in but are there other benefits/issues to leaving it plugged in.

I have Windows and all programs/data on a SSD so boot time is very nice @ 30 secs and programs load quickly. I don’t want to spoil that if being plugged in will impact it.

Any suggestions or advise?


It’s up to your needs.

if you are running a backup weekly or monthly, there’s no need to have the drive connected if you are not using the drive.

It seems to me if the drive is constantly connected and one suffers a virus attack, the external drive will also get the virus. What’s wrong with keeping the external backup drive disconnected, and then doing a weekly or monthly backup (reconnection) after doing a virus scan?