YOUR product is not working what is YOUR solution (emphasize solution)

yeah hi there

i have a wd my passport 070a

it registers, shows on device manager and it even says installed correctly (after uninstalling drivers) but i cannot access it

i have had enough of sifting through **bleep** to find the answer,

i do not want to be redirected somewhere only to be redirected somewhere because i recon in the end one of the redirections will say " did you go to the wd community sir?

and i’ll yell and scream and be no more further in to a resolution but my rage will be o so more

i have valuable information stored on this passport… and i want it back…, i put faith in a wd product are you going to tell me putting faith in your product was of poor choice?

should i have backed up my back up because your hardware cannot be trusted?

will this be the last item i ever buy of you…?

this is what i want to hear: ah yes we’ve had that problem pop up a few times our team has got together and created a new driver/patch/fix here you go valid customer thank you for buying western digital

what i don’t want to hear: uh yeah /scratches head we see dis lots but we no know what to do n we don wanna do it you go somewhere else /grunts but we take money, you got money?

i have found nothing to resolve my sittuation anywherere that does not consist of spending more money on a product/service i have already paid for… and they don’t show sure fire resolutions at that…

You should never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it. A backup means you have 2 copies. Maybe if you explain the problem somebody can help. This is just a users forum not customer support.


yeah it was on my pc which has shat it self no worries i’ll go to my wd back up, hey whata ya know i’ll be back with more ‘comments’ later