Your My Cloud Home has been updated

I recently received an email stating

Your My Cloud Home has been updated.
The My Cloud Team

so what exactly has been updated ?

Hi @pusb87

Was the My Cloud Home recently purchased?

Release notes posted by @SBrown below.

Release Versions

  • My Cloud Home Firmware: 4.3.2-156
  • My Cloud Home Mobile App iOS: 1.3.2
  • My Cloud Home Mobile App Android: 1.3.2
  • WD Discovery: 2.1.371

My Cloud Home Firmware

  • Bug Fixes

My Cloud Desktop App

  • Performance Improvements
  • “Sync to my cloud” option is available for desktop folder without logging into the Desktop app

Mobile App

  • iOS - Auto Backup/Manual upload is not working if device switches the proxy
  • Activity cards loop on mobile app
  • [Chrome cast]: Black screen is seen on mobile device while casting 4K video
  • Various Android crash and bug fixes
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thank you…

I can see my cloud home firmware has been updated
my wd discovery is still at v 2.1.332 see pic below
and My Cloud at v whatever that is referring to ?

how does the wd discovery get updated ?

This is the current release version of Discovery according to our support site. As 2.1.332 was only put out last month, my guess is 2.1.371 is the next version that is coming although it could just be a typo or an internal number that someone forgot to change or something along those lines.

As long as you are on the same version listed at the link below, you are using the current version:

Edit: After downloading the version below you should be notified that there is an update available.

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Hi @pusb87

Apparently what I told you before is not accurate and I wanted to provide you with a quick update. Sorry for the misinformation :cold_sweat:

If you download the version from the link above (it’s the same version you already have installed - I’d download and install again just to make sure all the files are OK but its not likely to make a difference), after installing it should tell you that there is an update available. If you aren’t receiving this notification you might be having a network issue or a firewall/anti-virus could be getting in the way or any number of things could be the culprit really.

Ok, thanks, so I reinstalled WD discovery from the link you provided, but it remains at the same version 2.1.332 without any offer of an update.
I am not aware of any issues with my network of firewall/anti virus…can you offer any additional suggestions ?

I’m actually not sure what else to suggest here…I’m back in the office on Tuesday - I can ask some of our tech support agents if they have any advice then. In the interim I emailed a few people internally to see if I can get an earlier response for you.

Hi @pusb87

It looks like 2.1.332 is in fact the current version available through the automatic update as well. As soon as a new version is available it should indicate it through the application. Sorry for the unneeded confusion here.

no problem…many thanks for clarification :smiley: