Your device is up to date.?


When i click on ‘check for new firmware’ i have the message: Your device is up to date.

My firm is: 2.1.92

how can in update?

I need the new firm, please help me.


Look at the posts and you might reconsider upgrading :wink:

Yes, but i need the 'time machine ’ support.


Don’t update.

It can not be so important to have time machine because after update you do not have anything to update anymore.

And do not rely on WD support as they do not answer or ask stupid question.

Apparently WD pulled the new 2.2.8 firmware due to all of its problems; the old 2.1.92 version is now posted as the “current” version.

Consider yourself lucky to initiate the update after 2.2.8 firmware was pulled down. I sure have regretted my foolish action to update just to check out the new features of  that latest version. Now, i am completely lockout from my data. WD doesnt want to take responsibility over this problematic firmware. I was asked by WD support to recover my data at my own cost. WD motto “Put your life on it” is a joke!.