Young WD Red 3TB failing?

I have bought a WD30EFRX on the 21. of March and using it since, running it with GPT and just one big partition on Win7.
Everything went fine until a week ago when the whole system froze while accessing the drive (whose LED was constantly blinking from then on). After it was thinking to itself for some minutes, the application accessing the drive crashed and I found it freezing again when I wanted to check the contents of the drive in Windows Explorer.
So I ran a chkdsk (with the /F /R /B switches), it marked one or two bad clusters (don’t remember how much exactly) and everything was fine again up until yesterday when it froze on me again.
This time I did a full format and then running checkdsk afterwards with the /F /R /B switches again. The format seems to have gotten rid of the ntfs-level entries of the bad clusters, you can see it because there is no remark about them in the first log.
It marked TWO bad sectors, which I couldn’t just believe since there were more than one damaged file on the disk before the format. So I re-ran chkdsk again - chkdsk clearing the bad cluster map again but this time, only marking ONE cluster.
I don’t know what I should think about this. Even more because Crystaldiskinfo shows two pending sectors, while the WD lifeguard diagnostics for windows show NONE and the full disk test which it performed resulted in no error whatsoever.
I doubt, however, that it really performed a FULL scan of the disk, since it only shows a volume size of 746,39GB while every other software shows the correct disk and volume size of 3TB.

What do you think is this an RMA candidate or not?

logfiles here -> (link removed)


I recommend that you get this drive replaced. You may create a RMA online or contact Western Digital support.

Please see the links below.

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I will do just that, thanks.

It froze on me again today while accessing files, so there must be more in awry then the software is telling me.