You tube hi def? How?

I like to watch some you tube channels ( HDStarcraft and HuskyStarcraft ) that have hi def 1080 and 720 streams available when I watch on my windows computer.

I goto the youtube page of the video I want to watch then click on the resolution setting in flash to upgrade to the 720 version.

Is there any way to watch these hi-def versions from my WDTV bosx please?

No, they are blocked by youtube as part of its terms of use.

I’ve found out how to do it ( indirectly )

Am I allowed to say how?

Why not. I assume that you are either downloading the file or playing it via a server program.

I’m new here and didn’t want to post anything that might go against the rules of the board. I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate.

I’ve found a program to download you tube videos. I’ve tried doing this before ( before I got my WD TV box ) many times and just given up,but today I seem to have gotten unusually lucky. I found something called you tube downloader HD

Google it - first result - version 2.2

Its a 3 meg program ( executable ) that just seems to do the trick. It seems to be single line text advert based - very unobtrusive. SEEMS virus free. 

Don’t worry that program has already been mentioned before in another thread.