You Tube compatibility

Does the player work with films downloaded from YouTube - which are mostly mp4 and sometimes flv?

Yes, mine does, but it is aWDTV Live Plus, and not a WDTV Play.  Check the published specs of the Play.  A Play is a very limited player that has been discontinued.  Consider getting something else, e.g. SMP…

ok - thanks

it doesn’t need any ‘apps’ or whatever? just straight input-output?

No  apps, etc, BUT you need to check compatibility/specs of the Play before you get one.  Look in in WD Support for info on the Play.

Thanks -

But I don’t understand what you mean by compatibility.

I will have a WD ‘Passport’ HD - and via USB just plugging it into the Player and from there to TV.


   But I don’t understand what you mean by compatibility.

Very simply, compatible with the files types you have.  I mean it cannot play ALL the types of files the better model can (e.g the SMP, aka WDTV Live Streaming Media Player) Say your video files are a certain type, the SMP can play them, but the Play cannot play that partivular type.  You have to compare the specs of both to find the details between them. 

The Play was a scaled-down model built to meet a low price-point objective, (and can now be found at close-out prices).  It has certain features missing that the better player has.  Also, it cannot access network shares; a very important feature to many people, and if you read any threads in the Play’s forum, there are plenty of people who regretted buying a Play and later discovered they really wanted a SMP (for its features.).  You will not regret buying an SMP for a lack of features; you likely may regret buying a Play for that reason.

Hope this helps you decide, and too bad others haven’t chipped in here to help you.  My suggestion is to buy an SMP and not a Play – I don’t think I can express myself any more clear than that.  Good luck.

I REALLY appreciate your attention to my question

I also in general appreciate going after a feature if I see use for it -

But in this case - I really only would wish to see the hundreds of old films I’ve pulled off Youtube - on a TV rather than thru computer display. And maybe use it for mp3 audio - USB sticks…

I don’t do ANY network stuff - sharing - gaming - etc. And HD is not an issue.

I’m going to US next month - and see Amazon prices are about 80 for the ‘better’ unit - and 50 for the simpler one. 30 bucks almost pays for one Motel 6 night  - or about 10 McMuffin breakfasts.:wink:

If it really is a question of the uses I describe - still see any reason for the ‘better?’

If you want the Play unit, the WD Outlet stre is closing them out for $40.

It ought to suffice for your needs.