You require permission from Unix User\root to make changes to this folder

I just installed a new MyCloud 4 TB drive,
I also plugged my 2 TB MyBook into the rear of the MyCloud.
I am logged in as admin.
Within Windows 10 …
I mapped a drive letter to the new MyCloud device.
I mapped another drive letter to the MyBook that is plugged into the rear of the MyCloud.
Using the Windows 10 file explorer, I am copying my various folders from my “MyBook” to my new “MyCloud”.
And these copies are working very well.

The issue I have is, when I attempt to delete a successfully copied folder from the old MyBook (via the Windows 10 file explorer) I receive a dialog containing the following text. “you require permission from Unix User\root to make changes to this folder”.

And, I can’t figure a way around this.

I have been reading everything I can, (until my head spins), but I can’t quite figure out what to do so as to allow me to delete these already successfully copied folders from my old MyBook device.

One maybe.
I could eject the old MyBook device when my copies have completed, and then plug it into my laptop directly.
Then, use file explorer to delete these folders,

Any ideas, would be greatly appreciated.
Please remember that I’m a “Nu be”. Less than 1 days experience with the MyCloud, so keeping things simle would be greatly appreciated.


What DOES work, to allow for the deletion of folders, is to use the web interface. (
But I can’t seem to find a way to delete folder if logging is as the local admin (http://wdmycloud/)

Is the correct way to delete folders, to use the web interface ?
Or is there a way to accomplish the same thing when logged on as the local MyCloud admin ?

Just trying to learn the correct way to do things.


When you plugged your old mybook into the mycloud , did you re-format the mybook from the mycloud interface or just plug it in and start using it?

I’m wondering if some old permissions are still active from before.

Thanks for the reply.
Good question.
I just plugged it in, and began using it.
I have almost 2 TB of data on the MyBook and my plan was to copy everything to the MyCloud device before doing anything at all to the the MyBook.

It’s a good point you make about old permissions.
I hadn’t thought of that.
Certainly could be.

I’m still in the process of copying things from the MyBook to the MyCloud.
Based on progress so far, it is going to be another day or so of non-stop copying before that process is done.
(I had thought copying would be faster than it is, with the MyBook directly connected to the MyCloud.)

When I’m done I’m going to eject the MyBook and plug it directly into my laptop.
Once done, I’ll check the permissions and attempt to delete a folder or two, just to see what happens.

I posted the same question directly to the WD support folks.
When (if) they respond (everyone is so busy these days), I’ll be sure to update this post in case I acquire new information that might be of help to others.

Thanks again for the reply.

If you read the user manual, you’ll find that it recommends large data transfers are done by connecting the external HDD to a PC, and using the PC to transfer files from HDD to MyCloud.

The MyCloud USB port has a slow sustained data transfer rate.

I thank you for that.
I have another TB of Windows backup images to copy from the MyBook, so I’ll try that next.