You have to reboot your computer before running Acronis True Image

HI, I’ve installed the Acronis True Image WD version to migrate an existing D drive to a new WD SSD. I installed the AcronisTrueImageWD_28080 version and when I run it, I get the following message “You have to reboot your computer before running Acronis True Image”. I’ve had this happen on 2 computers. A laptop and another PC didn’t have any issues and cloned the drives with no problems. I don’t know what to check. There seems to be very little out there on this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Rebooting left me with same issue. I have the SSD connected via USB. No instructions on best practices.

I’m struggling with the same thing.
To be clear:

  1. download the Acronis True Image from the provided link
  2. Install it
  3. Start Application
  4. System responds with “must reboot”…
  5. After doing it multiple times, clearing and installing once again…Same thing…run Admin, no change…

I wonder if the Security software (Webroot) might be interfering with the installation or the running of some specific component?—some help from the tech side would help…I can’t believe this isn’t impacting sales…
At this point for both organizations.