You have lost a customer

I have spent 4 hours now trying to remove WD smartware from  a pair of passports.  I was unable to do so using every trick in my repetoire on  three different operating systems.

It is is NOT sufficient to hide the software.  I want to remove it.

You can count on my NEVER buying WD products again, either for myself or for my clients.  (Currently I have about 250 computers under my care with about 400 disks total.)

This may well be a nice option having no method to recover the lost space is just poor form.

Sure it’s 0.2%.  So what.  It’s MY disk, MY space.  I shouldn’t have to download a multi megabyte program to run twice to disable software.

You lose.

Hello mate,

You might be talking about the virtual partition that used to came with the old passport… To my understanding that is no longer being manufacturer like that…

But, what is the solution?

There is no way to get rid of the VCD. The solution would be buy a plain drive like Elements that has no software.


I’ve always found the Elements portable disks to be really neat products. They got a lot of things right when they made these. Except for the micro connector. I suppose the smaller the connector the worse things get, and everybody is doing this.