You don't have permission to access / on this server


I purchased a ex2 Ultra about a week ago. I hooked it up to my network, configured it, and have been using it without issue since.

Earlier today I had to reboot the device because our power company needed to shut off our power.

When I brought the device back up, the public shares are still accessible, and it has retained the same IP address ( However, access to the administration console gets rejected with a 403 error.

As far as I know, nothing on my network has changed. My PC and the ex2 are on the same network (both are on the 192.168.0 subnet and wired into the same router).

Why would i get rejected by the administration console?

TIA for any assistance.

Does anyone know if WD monitors/responds to questions here? Might I be better off opening a support ticket directly with WD?


RESOLVED. I had to go through the 4-second reset process on the ex2 ultra. No idea why this was necessary, but it fixed the issue.