"You do not have permission to access this server"

Hey there,

I recently had to move my NAS (MyCloud EX4100) from my office to a temporary location. I do not currently have admin access to the network here so I have taken my NAS offline. It is now just connected directly to my Mac (running 10.12.6) via an ethernet cable.

My issue is that I have two shares on my NAS. They are both set up identically. I can access one of them via my usual NFS mount no problem. The other one fails and gives the error;

There was a problem connecting to the server “”. You do not have permission to access this server.

I have double checked the share settings and they are both identical. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

How can you have to shares setup identical? The NAS only allow you to create share folder as long as the share name is different.

You may want to see the dedicated subforum for the EX Series where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for a different device, the single bay/single drive My Cloud units.


I meant the settings are identical, not the names