Yet another "Unable to detect the internal hard disk. Please Check." message. Help! I beg you!

Hello folks,

Yesterday as I was watching a film on my month-old WD Elements Play 1TB drive, it suddenly froze. The drive didn’t respond to the remote. I had to unplug the drive from the wall. When I turned it on again, the infamous “Unable to detect the internal hard disk. Please Check.” popped up.

Now, as I plug it on my PC, Windows doesn’t recognise the drive. It doesn’t show up in “my computer”. It doesnt show up on my hard-drive administration panel (i tried formatting/partitioaning it)…I even pushed the reset button with a paperclip! I tried running the “Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows” the tech support people adviced but the drive didn’t show up in the menu.

In short, I can’t seem to access the drive.

What can I do?

Seems like you’ve tried all potential fixes.  Take it back to the shop.