Yet another network share sufferer

I have a WDLIVE and a WDLIVEHUB on my network

Both are hard wired, no wireless (I gave up on that early)

I have most all of my videos on a Win7 home premium machine that is only acting as a file server

All of the PC’s on the network can connect and  play the .avi files in the shared folders

So can my android tablet

But my hubs get stupid and cannot access the shares until I reboot the machine. It seems to happen whenever I have copied new files to the shared folders

Note: I have another Win7 machine on the network and they never have issues connecting to that one

Firewall settings are identical on the two machines

Also, apparently, my LiveHub is the master browser

Any ideas

Can you verify if you have the same problem when there’s only one WD TV connected? 

I disconnected the hub and rebooted the wdlive and bserver

Live box saw the bserver shares just fine

The I copied a bunch of new videos to the bserver machine

Restarted live box and no access…so the same issue as before but with only one WD box on the network

I did notice that my other win7 machine had picked up the msbrowse function now

I would say disable UAC on the server. Its the worst piece of garbage security and has a mind of its own.

I will try anything

But the other Win7 machine is running it and has no issues (any more)

I wish these WD units were not so user unfriendly

You didn’t mention the firmware versions running on your WD devices.  There were lots of network issues in the WDTV Live Hub that were never resolved until 3.05.10 (latest version).  Now I can see my windows 7 PC and WHS server fine all the time.  It sees things faster if I have the network running for a while before turning on the WD, however.

I am running the latest firmware on both boxes

And my network is always up, the only things that get turned off is the WD boxes

They see all the pc’s on the network, they just cannot always access the shares on one of the win7 machines unless I reboot

And even when they do hook up, it often requires more than one try

I get an error message and have to try again

If I get the error and the GUI changes to another source I am ususally good

But if I say OK and it stays on that source I know I am rebooting

beyond annoying

Waaay too temperamental

Actually having your network up all the time could be the problem.  I have had simular issues when my router was on for days at a time.  Try shutting down the router overnight, it wll release addresses and can clear up a lot of strange windows share issues. 

Thanks, but that is not an option…and should not be required

By that logic I should just be happy rebooting my server every day because " it is good for it"

And at the end of the day…EVERYTHING else on the network works perfectly

I can access my shared folders from any other PC, tablet, etc

EVERYTHING works all the time EXCEPT  the WD boxes

So I am not inclined to  completely structure my network around them simply because they cannot play nice with other hardware

Quite right Bill.

I have just got my Live TV Hub and I have nearly thrown it out of the window 4 or 5 times.

When it is working then it is great, but when it aint then …

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.  I must have it setup correctly or it would not work at all, or is this logic at fault.

But I sometime lose the network completely - I am using a wireless dongle, so this may be at fault here.  But a couple of days ago I was connected to the network OK .  I know that because the network check in setup passed and I can run BBC IPlayer (An Internet Service) but it could not find my NAS or any other networked device for that matter.  My PCs were connected to the network OK but on checking them they could not browse the network.  Rebooted my hub and NAS and everything was OK.  This has never happened before, not until the WD unit was added.

Now today the thing simply decided to hang and the only thing that would budge it was a power off .  Is it working now after powering up?  Don’t know, too frightened to check, decided to do some work instead.

byw I am using the latest firmware. 

Bill (yup another one) 

I went all wired early on, after WD tech support washed their hands of my problems since there could be unknown issues with my wireless adapter/router/etc

But that didn’t make the problems go away and it did not seem to make the tech support people any more helpful

They never did aknowledge the fact that my Live Hub does not have a reset switch

They keep saying that it must be an unknown problem on my network, despite the fact that the WD hardware are the only components on my network that have any issues

I am starting to think that the only way to fix them is to replace them with something else

High hopes for the Google Co-Star