Yet another error since the FW UPGRADE

Yet another error since the FW 4.00 UPGRADE.

Content scan status ERROR

Internal server error. Retry your last operation. If error persists contact WD support for assistance (200500)


They just keep coming.

Error A bad request was made (200400) put_saRepoint_setschedule_http_400

Thank you WD!

Content scan error is gone now says BUILDING.

Unfortunately though I hear the drive chugging away the Content Scan Status hasn’t changed in 30 minutes.

Videos 119/121

Music Tracks 7156/7253

Photos  6132/7442

Other 2783/10200

Thinking that it might be time to get a hammer and put this thing out of its misery.

2 hours later still scanning. My Cloud with FW 4.00 is useless to me so I’m shutting it down until WD comes up with a solution.

Situation currently STABLE

(1) Removed SmartWare software from my computer (might re-install at a later date)

(2) Shutdown WD My Cloud, unplugged both My Cloud & My Book for an hour

(3) Plugged everything in and waited

Dashboard itself takes about 10 - 12 seconds to fully load, everything displayed considerably faster, all scanning stopped, all pages of Dashboard load quickly, any changes to settings take effect quickly. So at this stage almost as good as pre FW 4.00 upgrade.

Still have issues regarding Notifications showing incorrect time stamp (3 hours in the future)

Cloud Access shows relay connection it was a direct connection before the upgrade. Have turned Cloud Access OFF for time being.

AS I indicated situation stable won’t say it is resolved becaues the FW 4.00 resolved no issues for me and in fact created two that I know of.

Obviously have turned automatic firmware updates OFF.


What is the current status of your WD My Cloud? If you are still experiencing issues then perhaps it would be best to be directly assisted by WD. This can be done by phone or E-mail.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Support per Country

Customer service called me yesterday, we spent about 90 minutes on phone trying to resolve. Am hoping to hear back today perhaps tomorrow what solution they come up with.

In its current state this My Cloud and the My Book I bought to go with it are of very little use to me.

I think it is fair to say that FW 4.00 was not ready for distribution.

I think it is also fair to say that WD should provide end-users an easy means of rolling back FW updates.

I’ve got problems as well. Been trying to generate a system report. Nothing is happening.