Yet another backup limitation for EX2

I was playing around with backup, because i just realised that if i make backups twice a week  to my other EX2, and eventualy i delete something from my primary NAS, after a few months i will end up with alot of files that i don’t need anymore on my backup NAS.

So i though that a sync once a month is needed, however…

  • sync only works until day 28 of the month, seriously WD, nobody there could figuer it out how to overcome this ? What if i want every end of the month ( 30 or 31st ) ?

  • i keep my backup nas shutdown all time and wake it up monday and thuesday for a few hours only while backup jobs are running. If i want to make a sync every 1st day of the month and that day is not Monday or Thuesday, there is no way to do that, synce there is no option to wake the target nas for that backup…fail !!!

  • (here comes the worst part) If i have 2 normal backup jobs (because editing a backup is impossible) and i add a 3rd sync backup job at the same targer folder, the sync actually creates another folder inside that target folder and copies all the files again. So not only that i do not have a sync to my existing backup files, it will double my files…mega fail !!

Yes Yes, i know… "make a suggestion to our idea forum " and we are done with you since noone cares about your ideas and bug reports.

PS: seriously WD, just make me a tester and quality controller for you and give me  one month and i will improve your products 10 times and 80% of the complaints on this forum and support cases will stop. Not to mantion that your image will improve after this EX2 mess. Who are your testers and do they even use a NAS ? If they do, do they use a WD NAS or one of the competition’s  ?

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Thanks for your user testimonal and bug feedback.

As a new buyer, I must voice my concerns with my wallet. I want WD to do something to resolve the issues on this one old year device that I now purchased - yet it seems to be discontinued in regards to firmware updates and feature fixes.

WD, please hire this guy as requested. He will do his job well, increase your public relations, and maxmize reliablity of this and future products.