This is the second time I have been sent a delicate, fragile drive in the post with ZERO protection. This is happening because western digital are selling them in bulk to UK retailers with no protection at all for the drives. The retailers then send the drives out into the courier systems, again with ZERO protection. WD say it is not their fault and if the customer is not happy with the lack of protection to send the drive back. (So it can be sold to someone else, of course and cost people money in postage and time too)

I am very upset, because I need this drive now. I waited a week for it, if I send it back, I will have to wait another week.

And where do I buy from to get protection?  WD used to be so good. I was proud to give them my money and always recomended them, Their new drives would always arrive in a box that had foam inside, nice and secure. But now we get nothing! 

Here is a video of a standard courier sorting station. Imagine your new drive with no bubble wrap or foam, going through this system.

Courier station.

We all know how the courier systems work. Hard drives need protection from the factory to the customers doorstep.

WD please can you simply charge us more for foam/bubble wrap and the extra space needed on the van?

Personally, I need the drive that was thrown on my door step saturday afternoon, replaced with a new drive with foam protection sent to my house before Wednesday.  Please can you tell me how I may acheive this?

 Thank you.

This is Extremely poor considering that Western Digital state even faulty drives need protection for RMA’s: 

All products require stable and sufficient packing material, needed to protect the product from ESD (Electro Static Discharge) influences and possible damage during transport. Required Packaging Steps:
A. Place drive in ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Bag (For internal drives only.)
B. Wrap with 2 inches of bubble wrap or non-movable foam cushioning
C. Place in sturdy cardboard box. Do not use chipboard, as it is not strong enough to withstand the rigors of transit. Please make sure the corrugated carton is free from defects and is structurally sound. Note: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty.
(picture of correctly packed drives)
E. When shipping multiple items, each item must be, packed as above, hard drive must not directly touch each other and cannot move inside the packaging. All products must be, packed in individual anti-static bags and in a sturdy cardboard box. Please utilize Western Digital original packaging when available. DO NOT USE peanuts or packing material that can shift or settle during transit. Warning: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty. 

WD are not following their own guidelines or the retailer.

As mentioned, If you send that drive back it will be sold to someone else. 

Previous incident below,from earlier this year : with still no response from WD on the forum.  However, via email I was told that it is not WD fault that they (WD) ship these drives from the factory without protection or that the retailer does not either. They expected me to pay to send it back to the retailer, but in doing so, someone else would have to buy that same drive later on, of course.

Here is the orignal Western Digital packaging from my latest delivery.  Quote WD:  “Please utilize Western Digital original packaging when available”. However, this is not even satifactory packaging for an RMA return, not by WD guidelines.

This packaging goes against WD guidlines. If I sent this present drive back to WD in its official packaging I would void my warranty!

Notice there is a plastic bag to help keep off the rain.

Only cardboard is issued for impact protection for this WD Black. Western Digitals most expensive hard drive?

How much would it cost to wrap this drive in bubble wrap for a safe journey, if the wrap was purchaced in bulk?  5 pence? maybe 15 pence, if done well? 

I’m am sorry to hear that this happened, and twice!  We will find out what’s going on and correct it.  Someone will be in touch with you to get this taken care of.


I’m sorry about my confusion here, but after reading another post that you posted back in May, I realized that you were talking about a drive that you received from a retailer, that was sent packaged the way you are showing in the pictures. 

Now, am I to correctly understand that this thread is about the replacement of that drive from the same retailer?  If so, then you need to understand that we never ship our products out without sufficient and proper packaging.  Like I said in your other post, I don’t know why that retailer is packaging our drives without sufficient protection, but it is not because we are shipping our drives out that way.

I’ve escalated this along, but there may not be much we can do about how retailers are handling our products.  However, we will do what we can.