Yes I too have the same issue with WDTV Plus "network Share" and windows 7

I cannot figure out why i’m still having this common issue with WDTV not

recognizing windows 7 Shared folders under WDTV’s “Network Share”. I know better

before posting to read up on the forum and see what i can do for myself through past

posts Q&A but being said that i am still having the same issue.

My Setup:
I have a WDTV Live Plus New updated Firmware Version 1.04.18
WDTV has a Statically configured Private IP ‬and connected to a ATT Uverse Gateway (2wire) Router via Ethernet.

PC OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64x.
PC workgroup Name “SAM_NETWORK”

I checked to make sure i have added my workgroup “SAM_NETWORK” into the WDTV Plus
Auto login disabled

WDTV can access Internet OK since I can go on youtube successfully. network test passed successfully.

Windows 7 network and Sharing Settings:
Home network

This is what i have Enabled under Advanced Sharing Settings:

Turn On Network Discovery
Turn On File and Print sharing
Turn Off Public Folder Sharing
Media Streaming Off
Use 128 Bit encryption
Turn off Password Proctected Shared
Use User Acct Password to Connect to ther Computers.

On my PC

Shared folders have Everyone, User, and Administrators with all full access Rights

I see my server under net view
nbstat shows NAS as a master browser

I went into the OS Firewall and made sure i did not block ports 137, 138, and 139.

I even tried to disable firewall on my server just to see if i missed anything -

Same result. I can’t see anything under “Network Share” of my WDTV Plus.

I went into the uninstall programs and looked for "Windows Live ID Sign-In

Assistant" and could not find it so i’m assuming its not installed. Is this installed

as an update or part of the OS somehow via services, not sure.

Any other suggestions, I have had this box for 3 days and its driving me nutts. If i can’t get this to work, Amazon RMA is just a click away.

Networking (SMB) is seriously broken with the latest firmwares. WD does not do anything about it for many months now. Instead we get useless gimmicks, like the weather widget.

I gave up on “support” by WD and installed the alternative firmware. No issues with it, perfect networking, perfect speed, no stutter.

Google “wdlxtv” or return your device.

What is the Alternative Firmware what works?

Anyone else please, Suggestions

samlot wrote:


What is the Alternative Firmware what works?


Anyone else please, Suggestions

The alternative firmware is made by someone called b-rad. A lot of people use this firmware. It is far less buggy than the WD ‘official’ firmware.

b-rad firmware

I am no genius on this stuff, and had my share of problems getting my player to work with network shares.  You didn’t say whether your WDTVLIVE shows up as a computer in Explorer>Network.   That’s the starting point for troubleshooting share problems.