Yellow light on MBLD

One of my MBLD’s is showing a steady yellow light and has disappeared from my network, smartware, and quickview.

Unplugging power and then reconnecting gives a blue light for a short time, then steady yellow.

I have done the following basic troubleshooting so far with no success:

I checked the network connection by changing ethernet cable and router port. 

I let the MBLD cool down for several hours before trying to start it up again.

Removed B drive and powered up.

Removed A drive and powered up.

Removed both drives and powered up.

Put the box with the drives in the fridge for a couple of hours just to be REALLY sure nothing was hot.

All results are the same.  Blue light for a short time, then steady yellow.

Ethernet lights show connection and activity on the MBLD and the router whenever power is on.

Any suggestions on how I might get this working again?




Yellow light means the drive is loading the OS. If you turn the drive on and the light remains steady yellow for more than 5 mins then I recommend you contact technical support.

Contact WD