Yellow LED after firmware update


Last night a pop-up message came on when accessing the WD UI on my browser letting me know of a firmware update. So that’s what I did. It downloaded, then updated the firmware but got kinda stuck during rebooting until some sort of “timeout” message came on. The LED on the front since then show’s yellow. I already unplugged and plugged in again, used a different router port, connected it to my PC directly. It still just shows yellow on the front, with one steady yellow and one blinking yellow on the back side.

The only positive thing: I can see the NAS on my router page with IP/mac address. Trying to ping it leads to a timeout…

does anyone have any solution to this? I really don’t want to go thru all the hassle with sending it back somewhere…


Hello, if possible try connecting the My Book power cable directly to a wall socket. 

unfortunately this didn’t help either :frowning:

seems to be a lost cause… :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. If you need to recover your filesyou can contact one of the recommended data recovery companies by WD. If you don’t need to recover your files, you can replace the My Book if it’s still under warranty. Check the links below for more information. 

Data Recovery

How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty

see this thread about the firmware bricking problems. IF you know what you are doing in Linux, and know your way around, you CAN fix the problem. Also, I ALWAYS check the boards about the latest updates, BEFORE installing. Okay. NOW I do, i did not when i installed the 2T MBL, now i have just installed a 3T back-up and now i do, LOL…

It is relativly easy, just time consuming, is all.

Good Luck. 

Thread here:

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