Xtreamer and WDTV Live side by side

Just got an Xtreamer to make parallel comparison with WDTV Live. I could feel fresh breeze while actually using the following options.

DVD Menu - Wow!!  how essetial they are.

DVD Chapters - Now I have the power in my remote.

Goto - Just say where you want to start the movie

FF / REW - Cursor buttons do it all. Right +30 Sec Left -10 Sec Up -1 Min Down +3 Min - Kudos !!

Zoom - Stretch you display which ever way you prefer. W or H, cool.

Subtitle - Locate where you want and change the font, colour, size and adjust sync too.

Whole lot of add on other than youtube.

Only thing I missed was addl component video for my projector. I am still keeping my WDTV Live for my projector.

If these are not implemented in WDTV Live in next firmware  I am gonna say a big adieu to WDTV Live and buy an HDMI PROJECTOR.

To each his own. If you look at other forums you will also see that people also have problems with the Xtreamer. However given its price it does look good.