XSL Support

A couple of us were discussing but unsure the theme xml files support XSL scipting as this would help with theming even more.

I just tested the setting of a xsl file called into a xml file of a hub

there is no crash :wink:

But I stopped here

Hi, patatozor did you try the concatenation?

The whole purpose I am thinking for this purpose would be for “if statements” into the theme coding

Thinking it might be handy for loading box covers around folders and images.

Kind of along the lines of:

if foldername contains “DVD” then use DVD coverbox image

if foldername contains “TV” then use TV coverbox image

if foldername contains “HD,BR” use BR coverbox image

if foldername does not contain “DVD,TV,HD,BR” use generic coverbox image

[I know this is not the correct coding for any language but wanted to show what I was trying to accomplish]

Place all these coverbox images in the theme images folder and pull from there

Then these coverboxes would surround the folder image and any images contained within the folder.

Yes I tried all sort of concatenation in xml and the hub crashes :slight_smile:

not tried with xsl

on the other side, I tested the @@poster value in text mode the see how the hub works

and it works with a temporary file stocked in the linux partition

I stopped all quickly because of the anger of my wife :wink:

the good way of xsl will be to load a specific local overlay png as moviesheet depending on the name of the video file

I think it’s possible

@@movisheet = @@filename+"_sheet.png"

I don’t remember what is the dynamic value for the video file name  (@@filename ???)

Where is the link of WD for theme ?

Eureka : http://www.wdtvlive.com/themes

kind of

<xsl:variable name=“moviesheet” select=“concat(@@filename,’_sheet.png’)” />